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Here you find action items where the SeaMonkey Project needs your help. Some of the listet "jobs" are porjects, where during a limited time a particular task needs to be done. Other ones are tasks where a responsible person or "maintainer" is required to do the work and additionally to inspire other users to help.

  • Please feel free to complete this page and add your ideas.
  • Please, please, please add your Wiki user name to the Responsible - Active column where ever you believe you might be able to contribute; every helping hand will be welcome. We will address ourselves to you as soon as possible.
  • If you can't contribute to the project startup, but want to join the project if it is "running", please add your Wiki user name to the Interested Followers.
  • If you only want to initiate discussion concerning an idea, please present it on the Discussion page!

After the project will have been launched, it will disappear from this page.

Add-On compatibility check


  • Users should share their knowledge concerning compatibility of AMO add-ons or converted add-ons on SeaMonkey/AddonCompat


coming soon

Project Members

Name Project related Skills Role, activities Project member since
Rainer Bielefeld coordination Project Starter, Coordinator 2015-04-19
User Skills activities YYYY-MM-DD
User Skills activities YYYY-MM-DD

Project Infrastructure

  • Project Web Page: SeaMonkey/AddonCompat
  • Mailing lists (Thread): currently not planned
  • IRC Channel: currently not planned
  • Telephone conferences: currently not planned
  • Tracking Bugs:
    • bug 1138883 - (meta) Make SeaMonkey compatible Add-Ons more discoverable and convenient
    • bug 1138365 - Wiki: Addon Compatibility list outdated, needs rework

Activities and Work Items

Time Table

for Project startup

coming soon