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A list of supporters is kept here. Everyone who wants to support the Suite is welcome to enter his or her name here. Programmers, don't forget to query Bugzilla for bugs that need fixing. Testers, don't forget to query Bugzilla for bugs that need investigation.

NOTE, however that this is not a petition, and by adding your name to this page you are telling us that you have the time to actually help with at the very least one of the "What you can do" items. If you thought this was a petition upon first signing, you are welcome to remove your name. Has an automatic counter. Uses cache on my webserver. Update every two hours.

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Name What I could do...
Aaber, Fer[1] General QA and Testing, thinking about porting it to .NET
Accettura, Robert J.[2][3] JS, XUL, bug triage, pretty much where ever needed. I've already committed to having the reporter webtool support SeaMonkey, and will ensure that continues.
Almeida, Lopo Lencastre de[4] General QA & Testing (Linux), CSS+JS
Arthur, Justin T.[5][6] JavaScript, XML/XUL/RDF/etc., C++, CSS, QA & Testcases, Linux and Windows Testing
Arthur, Peter[7] Optimisation, Bug Fixing, QA and Testcases on Windows (2000,XP).
Avasthi, Binny[8] Testing, C++, Java, Mail, bug fixes, code reviews
Azhar, Tahir[9] Testing, C++, XUL
Banner, Mark[10][11] JS, C++, a little XUL, with focus on address book and mailnews. Testing on Linux.
Bastos, Renato Nunes[12] I can help in the Project Management (maybe I could help leading a small group, focused in a specific part of the suite, or a set of bugs / features...) and maybe I can do some minor debug/test/coding...
Basurto Villaorlad, Eduardo (Lalo) [13] [14] JS, C++, Java, any development, directory structure, install packages, Windows, Linux, QA, documentation
Belan, Larry[15] General QA & Testcases, Linux/Win/OS/2 Testing
Benson, Karl[16] CSS, QA, and Testcases on Mac OS X and Windows XP
Bergsagel, Paul[17] QA Testing, Bug Reporting Mac OS X
Bielefeld, Rainer[18] QA, Bugzilla Bug Confirmation, Bug reporting, Wiki and German News Blog ).
Biesinger, Christian[19] Bugfixing, implement features.
Block, Mav[20][21] Marketing, Website Design, Theme Design (but not packaging, still learning that), Mac OS X Bug Reporting, Support
Boeker, Marc[22][23] Documentation (german) / QA (linux) / CSS HTML / translation
Book, Carsten[24] Bug-Triage, QA, Testing, HelpFiles, Documentation, FAQ.
Borggraefe, Stefan[25] Make new core features available to the SeaMonkey frontend, fix frontend bugs.
Bounds, Stephen[26][27] XUL and JavaScript frontend work, (maybe) Windows install packages.
Braniecki, Zbigniew[28][29] Source l10n, some toolkit mozapps work.
Brocas, Kirk[30][31] Testing (Linux/Windows)
Brooks, Daniel[32] mostly front end bugfixes/features
Bucksch, Ben[33][34] Development, Release polish, Release management, Infrastructure from Beonex
Buecherl, Kurt[35] Testing (Linux/Windows), JS, XML/HTML and some C/C++
Cervellin, Alessio[36] Packaging & Distribution for Solaris 8,9,10,OpenSolaris both Sparc and x86 through the Blastwave community. Now Solaris' users can get Seamonkey just by typing pkg-get -i seamonkey. More info here
Chu, Howard[37][38][39] JS/XML/C/C++ mailnews (mostly POP3 issues), LDAP/SSL if necessary
Clark, Aleks[40] QA: FreeBSD, XUL; XML/HTML, Spanish release
Clark, Bishop[41][42] QA: Linux, Win, Unix (AT&T/Xenix) builds.
Collins, Pete[43][44] I can work on just about anything when I have the free time to contribute ...
Cooper, Christopher[45][46] Testing (Linux/Windows), Bug report, Writing documentation: English
Cooper, Daniel[47][48] Testing (Windows XP), Bug Report, Help documentation (English), Branding efforts.
Creutziger, Martin (MMx)[49][50] localized OS X binaries until source l10n is in place, OS X builds, testing and QA as needed and time available.
Cuenze, Mariano[51] I can contribute with XUL, XML, JS, CSS, XBL, RDF (Basic) and some C/C++ development.
Darren[52] Linux builds, Linux QA, Possible roadmap design, testing, documentation.
Desperrier, Jean-Marc (jmdesp)[53][54] Backend bug fixing. Some organisational ideas : See jmdesp.
Dial, Scott[55] Experienced coder wanting to keep this project alive in whatever ways needed.
DiLuminoso, Vito (fizzicist)[56] OS X testing, help documentation, bizarre graphix
Dobbins, John[57] UI Design, Marketing.
Dolgov, Sergei[58][59] BeOS-port: development, testing, contrib builds.
Domingos, Vitor[60][61] Marketing, UI Engineering, Release Notes, Localization (Portuguese).
Donner, Stephen[62][63] Testing, bug triage - mostly Mail (Cyrus IMAP), crashes, UI. Windows XP
Dubner, Michael[64][65] JS/XML, C++, Python :-), Windows testing
Düsterloh, Karsten (Mnyromyr)[66][67] Backend/frontend bug fixing, with focus on mail/news and sidebar/searching.
Evans, Aaron[68][69] Testing, technical documentation, UI design, been meaning to get into the code. I want to see good contacts and calendar in the suite. And easy XPCOM scripting.
Falkingham, Jeffrey[70][71] Project management, QA Testing, Triage, JavaScript, Linux, Windows & Mac Testing
Fenwick, Charles[72] Bug triage, testing, etc. (no longer active for SeaMonkey 2015?)
Fischer, Tobias[73] Bug triage, QA Testing (Windows, MacOS X and a little Linux)
Fletcher, Scott (Alias: ZookQValem)[74] JS/HTML/CSS/PHP, Testing (Win32, Linux - soon), bug triage, clean up bugs, testcase, willing to help to fix/improve the composer. Can do little for QA but not alot.
FOSStools Team[75] Testing: *BSD, FAQs and support in English, Distribution
Gautherie, Serge[76] Mostly doing simple C++/CSS/JS/XUL/&co patches; testing bugs on Windows. Some bug triage, ...
Geiregat. Jonas[77] C++ JS and Xul, but mainly C++. I'm interested in the bookmark manager !
Glanz Testing, debugging (pinpointing and isolating) on all platforms ((Windows,Linux (all), BSD (all including DragonFly)) Can also help with French Localizations.
Gontijo, Régis Fernandes[78] Brazilian Portuguese Localization
Graves, Aaron (cajunman4life)[79][80] Linux/Solaris/Windows testing, bug reports and triage, documentation/help files, QA, project and release coordination, HTML, and open to suggestions
Grull, Sven[81] Bug triage, testing (Windows)
Guenther, Nick (kousu)[82] Javascript, C++, Testing. I'd like to help with the backend but I know I'm inexperienced and will go where ever I'm needed. Oh, and I can do documentation (explanation of the different supported protocols are sorely lacking, things like javascript:, about:, about:mozilla, about:config as well as the normal web protocols).
Guibert de Bruet, Andre (andygui)[83][84] FreeBSD Porting & Testing
Haase, Ralph[85] Testing (Win, OS/2) , misc things (html, Graphics, Icons)- but not programming.
Harter, Jürgen (JiHa)[86] I'm not a programmer, but I can help with all the other stuff like testing, QM, PM, translation, docu...
Hassouneh, Samer[87] Testing (Win/Linux). C++, JS, HTML/XML. Arabic Localization.
Hatlak, Jens[88][89] Building and testing on Windows and Linux. I'm not a (C++) programmer.
Hauner, Adam[90] Bug triage, testing.
Hendriks, Patrick[91][92] General QA, bug triaging, testing Win/Lin/OS X, Translation to dutch or norwegian. A bit of coding.
Hendy, Michael[93][94] Can assist with enduser documentation (including PluginDoc[95]), testing on Linux, and can provide a tinderbox if needed.
Hermes, Stefan (stefanh)[96] Testing, QA (Mac OS X). Simple XUL/CSS fixes, Help Viewer/doc.
Herrera, Daniel[97] Testing, Spanish translation, and could learn other things.
Heynen, Holger (holle)[98] localization (german): FAQ's, helpfiles, program, etc.; testing (windows 2000)
Hô, Alexandre (Xandrex)[99] Testing (win32), L10N (FRN), faq, documentation and help files, misc (what others don't want to do)
Hurley, Christopher[100] Win32-en (Windows 2000) Testing, Documentation, Bug triage?
Isabel, Dawn Q/A, test cases, documentation
Jay (Scarrow)[101][102] Theme maintenance, XHTML+CSS, Web/UI design, Testing(Windows XP), Documentation (English) Editing/Proofreading.
Jeter, Daniel, II[103] I can do testing and bug-reporting under Win32.
Johnson, Lloyd (Lloydy)[104][105] Web Design, Web Coding, Invision Power Board Expert, Testing, Writing Documentation etc.
Jurdzik, Gunnar (Gunnar) [106] Online support /help - already run the Mozilla Help Site (unofficial), usability testing, could also supply feedback from users who mailed me through my site.
Kaiser, Robert[107][108] Localization stuff, I'd like to do some UI design review, perhaps some theming work, perhaps some project management stuff (all as needed)
Kalla, Adrian[109][110] Localization stuff, QA&Testing (Win32&Linux), ), faq, doc & help files, Win32 and Linux Installers building experience, basic html/xhtml, css and js
Keller, R.J.[111][112] I'd like to rewrite most of the Help Viewer and Help documentation and maybe find a way to integrate the Firefox/XUL toolkit into Seamonkey.
Kieling, Konrad[113] XUL and JS. If I'll find the time to study the code, I'll do some C++ as well.
KLAPEK[114] testing (Linux), bug reporting
Krang[115][116] Testing (Win32), JavaScript, XUL, some C++
Krohlas, Sven[117][118] testing (Linux), bug triaging, bug reporting, translation (English -> German), security contact
Kropac, Honza[119][120] JS, CSS, XHTML and little of XUL. Could help with testing on Win32 and BeOS.
Kunz, Andreas[121] Testing (Win, some Linux), bug triaging, bugfixing depending on spare time (JS, CSS, XUL, some C++; quite familiar with the UI, less with core).
Lambalgen, Sander van[122] Bug triaging, testing; serious intent to finally dedicate more time to writing patches (mailnews frontend, or wherever I see something I hope to be capable of).
Landemaine, Charles-André[123][124][125] I can help with graphic design, redesigning all icons to make the suite eye-candy. I can work on usability to improve the GUI, I already created a logo and a new name for the suite [126], I work in web design and build tableless web sites in XHTML Strict & CSS.
Lee, Jeff (jtek)[127][128] Testing (Windows-en), faq, documentation & help files. Not a programmer, but would like to help out any way I can.
Lewars, Alistair[129] Performing bug triage and writing test cases. Bug fixing. XUL, JS, and C++ work.
Linder, Robert[130] At this time I can help with testing and bug reports for the Linux builds.
Lissy, Alexandre[131] May help to debug, under Windows and/or Linux. Could also give help for l10n (french).
Liu, Darrel[132] C++ (not familiar with the core code though), JavaScript, XUL, HTML/CSS, Testing on Win32.
Luiz, Fabio (falcon_dark)[133] Brazilian Portuguese Localization and GNU/Linux testing. Also OS/2 Warp 4 testing if needed.
Lujan, Brandon[134] Linux testing, Distribution specific testing/localization, documentation, Q&A, bug reports, release coordination, and whatever else needs done.
Magnini, Giacomo (prometeo)[135] Italian translator, testing, QA, Documentation (Help). Win32/Linux.
Maijala, Ere[136] C++ development, esp. Win32 (incl. reviews), some MailNews, Finnish localization perhaps.
Mainz, Roland[137] Testing on OpenSolaris, Printing front and backend (translucency!), Calendar, Gopher
Marshall, Owen[138] Bug triage, documentation, QA. Can assist with Linux and IRIX.
Massey, Jim[139] I can do just about anything needed. Familiar with most aspects of the suite.
McBride, Mathew[140] Linux/GTK2, Windows testing, XUL, CSS, some JavaScript.
McKee, John[141] Testing, documentation (English), some C/C++.
Mellem, Dan[142] Triage, test cases, QA, documentation.
Miata, Felix[143][144] Multi-platform testing & triage, documentation, TE, end-user installation & support, and more.
Michalopoulos, Kostas[145] I can work on C++ and JavaScript. Note, however, that I don't know much about SM's internals, so I'll learn as I progress. On the other hand, I have plenty of free time ☺.
Milbourn, Zachary[146] Testing on Windows XP, minimal C++ & PHP knowledge, HTML/CSS, bug reports.
Mueller, Dirk (ZeroMC)[147] Testing on Linux & BeOS, Bug report, Writing documentations/FAQs, Translation, JS/XUL/CSS/etc.
Murray, Dave (irongut)[148] Not a C++ hacker but I can do XML and JS and I'd be up for QA and bug triage. For more info see my user page. (no longer active for SeaMonkey 2015?)
Myers, Andrew [149][150] Bug triage / testing on Windows and Linux. CSS. Special interest in the mail client.
Naylor, Michael [151][152] I can code HTML, CSS and I'm up for general QA, writing test scripts, running smoketests, analysis, UI and bug triage on XP snoopstaa.
Neal, Ian[153] XUL, XML and JS stuff and very minor C++
Neelakandan, Sriram[154] GFX and Widget layers (especially GTK+ & X). I have been looking at the code for some time now (4 months)
Nikulin, Pavel aka FUBAr[155][156] Bugz
Opitz, Alexander (opi)[157][158] Syncing xpfe/toolkit, MNG, testrunner
Opitz, Michael[159] Bug triage, testing (win32/linux), Localization
OstGote[160] Bug triage, testing (win32)
Page, S (skierpage)[161][162] Testing (Linux), wiki editing, docs
Pakdipan, Sirawit[163] Thai Localization,Linux/Windows Testing,Promotion
Parknert, Mikael[164][165] Trying to learn mailnews hacking
Payne, Michael[166] Some documentation, Linux/MacOSX Testing
Piglas, Milosz[167] testing (GNU/Linux, w32), Documentation (Polish)
Poduval, Gokul[168] Testing (linux), Documentation (English), Maybe coding
Quintanilla, Rogelio[169] QA, Testing (win32), Localization (Spanish)
Randers-Pehrson, Glenn[170] PNG, MNG, ZLIB, maybe JPEG maintenance and support
Rantwijk, HJ van[171][172] The MultiZilla developer, ready to write, review and add new code/features!
Rashbrook, Neil[173][174] Looks like I'm going to be lumbered with all of your review requests!
rbahaguejr[175] Gnu + Linux / Window Testing, reporting bugs, documentation, Filipino translation
Reimer, Manuel[176][177] With my current knowledge I could do some work at XUL and Javascript.
Reeves, Tony[178] Testing and QA on Solaris X86.
Renard, Benoît Testing on Windows 95. In the not-so-distant future, C++ and possibly XUL.
Rickkins[179] Testing, I guess. No coding skills, but willing to do whatever.
Romano[180] Testing on Win 2K/XP and OS X, project management
Rosenberg, Doron[181] Moving over to Toolkit, Chrome/XPCOM development.
rsx11m[182][183] Mostly mail/news, preferences and some other UI, help content (Windows/Linux); XUL/JS/XBL and some C++/IDL patches.
Russell, Rick (RickRussellTX)[184] QA Testing (MacOS X, Windows), limited coding skills but willing to try
Sahambi, KDS[185] Q&A, Documentation (collaborated with RJ), and maybe a little bit of coding (C++, JS).
Salgueiro, Dave[186] Testing, I updated your Mozilla 2.0 sync Wiki pages (crappily)
Saunders, Ken[187] Marketing, Graphics, Promotional Items
Scholler, Denis[188] QA, Testcases, Linux Testing, light Java, C/C++ coding
Schultz, Andrew[189] Linux installer and general QA (no longer active for SeaMonkey 2015?)
Schwab, Hermann[190] QA, Testcases, Win98 testing
Shinde, Onkar[191][192] Don't know much of C++. Currently working in Java/J2EE. Would like to do testing (specifically bug filing). Also would like to learn the build process.
Siddiqi, Abdullah[193] Learning programming. In the meantime can help with everything else. Testing, documentation. Will keep this project alive.
Simovic, Vladimir (Perun)[194][195] All the Stuff what a non-programmer can do: testing (Win32-German), documentation, helpfiles etc.
Skupin, Henrik (whimboo)[196][197] QA (mostly linux), fixing backend/frontend bugs for each component.
Stephens, Jon (Zontar)[198][199] QA/Testing (HTML/CSS/JS/DOM/XML/SVG) - Linux, Win32, Solaris/x86; PHP/MySQL webstuff; docs; evangelism; might be interested in learning to build from source.
Stile, D [200] English-German Translation and Documentation; QA, Bug Triage, Testcases and Builds on Linux/Windows
Sutton, Jared[201] I'm currently a student. I can do a lot of testing (Win32/Linux/OSX). Also, I'm in the midst of learning C/C++ and also Java/JS.
Tarlano, Anthony[202] JS/XML, C++, Python, XUL
Taskin, Kemal[203] Testing (Linux), C/C++ coding
Thipsongkhroh, Attasit[204] Testing (Win32), Thai documents translation, little bit JavaScript.
Thomas, Chris[205][206] Various bug fixes, new features, backports from Firefox or extensions. I guess I'm fairly familiar with tab browsing, among other things.
Trembly, Eric[207] Testing (win32/en)
Tyndall, Mark[208] Testing (win32/en), docs; I'm up for bug triage and QA
Uhrig, David C.[209][210] C++ coding if needed, Website Maintenance/Development (PHP/Perl and mySQL), Windows/Linux/BSD Testing, Writing/Maintaining/Updating Documentation
Ursenbach, Jon[211] Marketing, documentation, HTML/DHTML, PHP, bug testing (Win and Unix).
Ustohal, Jan[212] Bug testing (Win), promotion, HTML.
Uytterhaegen, Julien[213] Graphic designer documentation and user-interface / French translation
Vincent, Alexander J.[214][215] DOM Inspector, XBL-based widgets in general, front-end hacking, experimenting with new features such as SVG, documentation (release notes?)
Vincent, Xavier (Nomax)[216] Testing, french translation, promotion, ...
Wagner, Kevin [217] Programming, simple C++/XUL; testing.
Warpozio[218] I can do almost everything, except writing code (windows [XP, XP64 & 2K] plus limited Linux) -> Dutch plus English & French),
Whalen, Thomas[219] Documentation, a little JavaScript, testing, grammar-checking, PHP/MySQL, UI design
Wiese, Wolfgang[220][221] Testing on WinXP, Solaris, SuSE Linux, German translations, image/icon creation
Winterkvist, Mikael[222][223] Testing, Bug Reports, FAQs and support in English/Swedish, Distribution
Wong, Edmund[224] A bit of C++/XUL/JS/CSS/HTML. [Windows/Linux User]
Wood, Justin (Callek)[225][226] Willing to do C++ wherever needed, XUL+JS+CSS etc where I can find the cause of an issue as well. Willing to devote my primary Build (My Most Used) to a SeaMonkey Branch, to help find and fix bugs. [Windows User]
Yamin, Tim (plasmaroo)[227] C++ Code review, coordination, Linux QA.
Yojik77[228] Testing, Bug report, Writing documentation, Translation, Proselytism (Win9x & Debian/Linux:: English & French)
Yusuf, Muhammad Hussain (yusuf)[229] Testing: Linux (especially Debian). Bug Reports.


Here are localization teams that are not going to stop working on localization of the Mozilla Application Suite. Also note the SeaMonkey:Localization Teams list which has status on all ongoing L10n projects for SeaMonkey.