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Welcome to the Mozilla CTF write-up collection.

Since this is a Wiki page after all, just add your write-up to the list and be nice to others :)

SecureFileLock (250)

Buoy (250)

Spark - Things long forgotten (200)

Spark - Interesting Lineage (150)

Spark - Piracy on the High Seas (200)

Spark - Kill the Kraken (250)

Spark - Underwater Camouflage (250)

Spark - Who do you know? (150)

Spark - Hail Atlantean! (250)

Spark - Bait & Switch (150)

Spark - Message in a Bottle (200)

Joe's Fish Shop (75)

We Love Fish (50)

Text Transformation Puzzle (50)

JS Shell Exploitation (500)

Sharkpedia (400)

IP Panel (250)

AwesomeCorp. Secured Ranges (300)

Fishr - Fish your messages out of the sea (500)

Dory's Language School (300)

Hidden Challenge (100)

Swimsuit Up! (50)

People were supposed to dress up in a swimsuit (or related) and send us pics. A gallery showing all pictures can be found here.

A big thank you to Deva who collected most of the links!