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Background updating of plugins Template:StatusNone N/A Lucas Adamski


Updating plugins currently is an inconsistent and difficult process for users, hence most plugins are not kept up to date in a timely fashion. We should have the same update experience for plugins that we currently have for Firefox add-ons.


  • Feature Manager: Lucas Adamski
  • Lead Developer:
  • Product Manager:
  • QA:
  • UX:
  • Accessibility:
  • Security:
  • Privacy:

Release Requirements

  • Defined format for installation packages
  • Defined criteria for installer behavior (EULA, bundling, etc)
  • Defined versioning service / scheme
  • Threat model for feature
  • Firefox implementation to support all the above


We should research desired plugin updating behavior to determine how we'd like the model to work (i.e. silent or near-silent updates like add-ons). We then need to determine feasibility of model by gathering requirements from plugin vendors to see what sort of models they could support, and on which platforms.

Next Steps & Open Issues

  • Define ideal plugin lifecycle

Related Bugs & Dependencies

See plugins roadmap for some high-level requirements and thoughts:


  • We could introduce security issues around installation and updating of plugins.
  • We could break plugins if we have bugs in the installer model
  • Plugin vendors would need to cooperate

Test Plans


  • Make plugins as easy to manage and update as add-ons.


Other Stuff