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We are Team \d{3, "Don't try to pronounce it, we never did". We are security enthusiasts, geeks, food buffs from Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India. We find a bug, we exploit or we leave it.



Cross Platfor Firewall driver in Go


The Mozilla InvestiGator (MIG) is designing to detect and respond to threats. One way of responding to an attack is to create firewall rules on the targetted endpoint to block an IP, or a particular connection. The goal of this project is to create a library in the Go language that can create and delete firewall rules on Windows (example), MacOS and Linux (iptables and ntables). The library should also be able to retrieve a ruleset from a host in a standard format (JSON).


Success Criteria



Current Target:

  • Get ourselves comfortable with Go
  • Learn more about firewall and adding firewall rules, using c/c++/c# in windows, os x or linux
  • Porting native codes to Go


  • Writing C code to implement IPTables, retrieve existing firewall rules, adding new ones, deleting existing ones.
  • [Linux] Added codes to, to enumerate existing firewall rules to console (Linux), using libiptc library