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Data Flow

  • Extension retrieves manifest from URL, records origin

Extension parses manifest into in-memory variables

variable type produced from value
launchURI nsIURI app.origin + app.manifest.launch_path
iconURI nsIURI app.origin + app.manifest.icons[${biggest_icon_index}]
appName string
appNameAsFilename string ${appName} (regex applied to remove unprintables)
developerName string
shortDescription string app.manifest.description (unprintables regex; trimmed)
versionStr string (currently static value "Developer Preview")


variable type produced from value
appNameAsFilename string ${appNameAsFilename} (Windows filename regex applied)
installDir nsIFile launchURI values + ${appNameAsFilename}
XULDir nsIFile installDir
uninstallerFile nsIFile installDir + "uninstall.exe"
iconFile nsIFile installDir + "chrome\icons\default\" + ${appNameAsFilename} + ".ico"
installerDir nsIFile Unique dir name produced as "temp dir + ${appNameAsFilename}"
firefoxFile nsIFile Dir of current running process + "firefox.exe"
desktopShortcut nsIFile Desktop + ${appNameAsFilename} + ".lnk"
startMenuShortcut nsIFile Start Menu + ${appNameAsFilename} + ".lnk"
uninstallSubkeyStr string ${launchURI} values


variable type produced from value
appNameAsFilename string ${appNameAsFilename} (Mac filename regex applied)
installDir nsILocalFile "~/Applications" + ${appNameAsFilename} + ".app"
XULDir nsIFile ${installDir} + "XUL"
iconFile nsIFile ${installDir} + "Contents\Resources\appicon.icns"

Extension sets up substitution values for file copies

subst string produced from value
$NAME_AS_JS_STRING makeJSString(${appName})
$LAUNCH_PATH_AS_XML_STRING makeXMLString(${launchURI}.spec)


subst string produced from value
$PROFILE_DIR ${installDir}.parent.leafName
$NAME_AS_XUL_APP_PROPERTY ${appName}.replace("\\", "")


subst string produced from value
$PROFILE_DIR "Mozilla/" + ${appNameAsFilename}
$NAME_AS_FILENAME ${appNameAsFilename}
$FILENAME_AS_XML makeXMLString(${appNameAsFilename})
$REVERSED_APPDOMAIN createInvertedDNSIdentifier(${launchURI})

Extension clears previous installation

  • Extension removes ${installDir}


  • Extension removes HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\${uninstallKey}
  • Extension removes ${desktopShortcut}
  • Extension removes ${startMenuShortcut}


  • (No additional steps)

Extension retrieves app icon


  • Extension downloads icon from ${iconURI} into memory
  • Extension converts icon to image/
  • Extension writes icon to ${iconFile}


  • Extension downloads icon from ${iconURI} into temporary file (${icon})
  • Extension calls "sips -s format icns ${icon} --out ${iconFile} -z 128 128

Extension copies files to disk, performs text substitutions

application.ini (renamed from newapp_template.ini)


  • foxlauncher is renamed to $NAME_AS_FILENAME

Extension performs additional install steps


Extension writes registry key values

  • Key: HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
Value name Value Type
DisplayName ${appName} string (REG_SZ)
ShortcutName ${appNameAsFilename} string (REG_SZ)
DisplayIcon ${iconFile}.path string (REG_SZ)
UninstallString ${launchURI} values string (REG_SZ)
InstallLocation ${installDir}.path string (REG_SZ)
NoModify 1 int (REG_DWORD)
NoRepair 1 int (REG_DWORD)
RegOwner (Want this to be BrowserID) string (REG_SZ)
UrlUpdateInfo Not sure yet string (REG_SZ)
Publisher ${developerName} string (REG_SZ)
DisplayVersion ${versionStr} string (REG_SZ)
InstallSource Not sure yet (should be app store URL) string (REG_SZ)
Comments ${shortDescription} string (REG_SZ)
HelpLink Not sure yet string (REG_SZ)
URLInfoAbout ${launchURI}.prePath string (REG_SZ)
Contact Not sure yet string (REG_SZ)
Readme Not sure yet string (REG_SZ)

Extension copies NSIS installer to ${installerDir}

Extension runs installer

  • Command line:
 * ${installerDir}\install.exe
 * /S
 * ${firefoxFile}.path
 * ${launchURI}.scheme
 * ${launchURI}.host
 * ${launchURI}.port
  • Installer reads registry values
 * InstallLocation
 * ShortcutName
 * ShortcutComment
 * DisplayIcon
  • Installer creates a shortcut in InstallLocation named ShortcutName.lnk with description set to ShortcutComment and icon set to DisplayIcon
  • Shortcut points to: FIREFOX_PATH -app ${path generated from origin info}\application.ini
  • Installer creates an uninstaller at InstallLocation\uninstall.exe
  • Uninstaller reads similar registry keys and command-line args and performs following operations
 * Delete shortcuts
 * Remove InstallLocation
 * Remove registry key

Extension copies shortcut (created by installer) from ${installDir} to ${desktopShortcut} and ${startMenuShortcut}