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  • Firefox button bug 556174
    • duplication of existing menu items led to bugs about menu state not being properly set (charset menu bug 598006, disabled state bug 627136
    • new bindings for splitmenu bug 613156, hover-acceltext bug 589139
  • Tabs on top bug 544815
    • tabs are no longer children of the <tabbrowser>, but rather in an entirely separate toolbar (that can be moved)
  • Go/Reload/Stop in location bar bug 544816
    • CSS and JS code to munge them together depending on toolbar position
  • Tabs in titlebar bug 572160
    • now drawing into the title bar area using backend Windows widget support
  • New style for toolbars/tabs
    • primarily CSS tweaks, some anonymous content restructuring
  • Status bar removal bug 574688
    • replaced with addon bar, loading state text no longer displayed but will be re-added bug 603777
  • Link hover changes bug 587908
    • link destination is now displayed in URL bar
    • escaping should be the same, truncation is slightly different, some fadein animation was added
  • Removal of RSS/Search discovery UI (bug 578967, bug 430627)
    • pretty straightforward removals, I think
  • Tab animations (open, close) bug 380960, bug 543206

Review comments

Notes and bug numbers will be recorded here. Let's try not to spend too much time on any one topic during the meeting.