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Reviews Completed

  • Completed Reviews, Firefox 8 target release
Feature Feature List Target Rel Prod Mgr Lead Engr Security lead Security status Security notes Last Modified
Encrypt local data Mobile Firefox 8 Thomas Arend Alex Pakhotin `sec-review-complete Notes2011-11-03T15:52:52
Tablet UI - Main browser layout, L10N: Better first-run experience / language choice, Encrypt local data, Use disk cache on Mobile, Better first-run / Browser discoverability, Enable IndexedDB local storage for mobile, Session Store Enhancements, Sync Enhancements, Better integration for form assistant on Android, Visual Refresh (Gingerbread), Android-style text selection handles, Rewrite/mobilize UI text, Anti-malware/phishing - front-end, Safebrowsing Back-end, High-quality image scaling, Text Readability Mobile Firefox 9, Firefox 7, Firefox 8, `, Firefox 6, Firefox 10, Firefox 11 Thomas Arend, Jay Sullivan Matt Brubeck (mbrubeck), Chris Lord (Cwiis), `, Alex Pakhotin, Geoff Brown, Mark Finkle, Fabrice Desre, Gian-Carlo Pascutto (:gcp), Gian-Carlo Pascutto, Matt Brubeck, David Baron `, Curtis Koenigpass, sec-review-unnecessary, sec-review-complete, sec-review-needed, fuzzing `, Notes, imelven, Review: 08.19 Notes, 2012.01.31: curtisk changed status to unnecessary due to info from kbrosnan, reviewed by: imelven, Notes, Notes, fuzzing?, Jesse added the relevant prefs to the DOM fuzzer. bug 7182902014-04-05T02:57:25
Ensure user accepts add-ons installed by third-party apps Desktop Firefox 8 Asa Dotzler Dave Townsend Curtis Koenigsec-review-complete Notes2011-11-03T14:29:46