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10 April 2014


  • arroway has been doing work to remove calls to open
    • but there are some problems with third party libraries
    • perhaps may need the policy compiler to make things more specific
    • there are some gecko calls to open - need to remote them (bugs are open)
  • QC graphics drivers run a network server in debug mode (983976)


  • bobowen adjusted the rights level so we don't break graphics code
    • to lower the integrity back where it was (lower than low), what can we do?
    • tabraldes will find out what's required.
  • spohl might be able to help with platform integration
  • tabraldes is going to start trying to sandbox a test plugin or the openh264 working code (from ekr)

Linux Mac OS

  • sid will talk to josh


  • dbolter spoke with tabraldes about how they can get accessiblity stuff working with e10s/sandboixng

jld is working on gc/cc logging enabled for e10s (FYI)