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24 April 2014


  • jld: patch to get gclogging sandbox clean, making a bit of progress
  • binder use: see dev-sandbox
    • gets us speed (faster than IPDL)
    • only usable in B2G (due to it being only in android)
    • kang suggests we use a lightweight socket (improving IPDL is also an option, IMO)
    • (arroway) will keep trying to figure out what to use for low-level IPC that's not IPDL
    • (pauljt) will bring it up with B2G leadership to see if there's any previous thought on this)
    • For trying to make IPC faster: file bug, needinfo?(:bent)


  • Tim is out


  • jld has x86 kitkat emulator working in sandbox for tests, ready for when there's x86 B2G TBPL runs
  • pauljt: seccomp not enabled for jellybean, but the current plan is to put gecko 1.4 and 2.0 onto jellybean (no sandbox). kang and pauljt trying to figure out how to change that.

Action items:

  • [vidyo, inc]: fix your broken client