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15 may 2014


  • Maire is going to try and find some more help for LInux and Mac
  • We need good measurements about perf implications of ipdl
  • We need a file access story (OPEN).


  • Tim is queued up for this after the h264 stuff


  • (fx32/33 targetted for support of h264 on desktop for all major desktop platforms)
  • File access on linux may be more complicated due to the difference in framework
  • On windows, very close. Intermittent orange that goes permaorange with tim's patch
  • [tim] Also (forgot to mention) we're setting security token to USER_RESTRICTED_SAME_ACCESS but we should be able to lock down even further (USER_LOCKDOWN). We'll land as is but as a follow-up should investigate why anything lower than USER_RESTRICTED_SAME_ACCESS causes problems with IPC


  • still working on the OPEN problem
    • Will need a good solution here for desktop linux for EME etc. (Good file access controls where we can whitelist specfic files)
  • open performance issues with libgenlock and remoting