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  • Content
    • bug 928044 - Windows content sandbox on by default with open policy - r+ from tabraldes, awaiting review from bsmedberg
    • bug 1094667 - follow-up to bug 928044 to set lockdown access token to USER_NON_ADMIN
    • bug 1088130 - Windows Output Protection gtest - landed
    • bug 1094370 - Use USER_LOCKDOWN for GMP process - GeckoMediaPlugins gtests and clearkey plugin seem to be fine, mochitest try push running


  • General
    • Sandboxing info in about:support, bug 1077057: basically ready.
    • Improving multithreaded sandbox startup, bug 1088387: seems to work; needs more cleanup/commenting.
  • Content
    • (Nothing content-specific this week.)
    • To do: consider enabling off-by-default content sandboxing (how much does this still break?) (no bug yet)
    • Rearranging build for bug 1088488: know how it will work.


  • Content
    • bug 1094196, only start mac sandbox when the pref says so (parity with windows)
    • considering reimplementing bug 1076385 to match linux/windows way of doing. for now the implementation is derived from and consistent with openh264 sandboxing on mac.
    • Need to review changes at bug 1088488, which move some sandbox functionality from XUL to plugin-container.

Round Table

  • Working on upstream merge from Chromium sandbox code.
    • Related: bug 1093334 to move some Linux sandboxing headers from Chromium
  • Chromium IPC code: cpeterson has been trying to get Google contact from dveditz/elsewhere
  • e10s will be enabled on Nightly today or tomorrow!
  • B2G EME


  • ACTION: jld to also inquire about Chromium IPC bugs