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  • Content Sandboxing
    • bug 1136238 - started looking at changing the moreStrict prefs to an int "level" pref. I'll probably change the Mac one at the same time.
  • GMP/EME Sandboxing
    • EME is being uplifted to Beta 37 for testing. Are there any sandboxing patches that need to be uplifted, too?
      • Bob will uplift some process mitigations in 38 to 37.


  • Content Sandboxing
    • JARs: replacing nsDownloader by downloading to memory works, and has been (mostly) reviewed, and needs some more work but the approach seems to be okay.
  • Other Linux work
    • Namespace/chroot: feature detection out for review, actual patches mostly presentable.
    • gfx team plans to remove dependency on xrender, but not glx.


  • Content Sandboxing
    • bug 1136407 - Tighter sandboxing rules broke mochitests on OS X 10.9 and 10.10
      • Does Release Engineering have plans to add 10.9 or 10.10 test machines?
    • bug 1083344 - lots of feedback yesterday about breaking mochitests on 10.9 and 10.10, which resulted in enough info to write a few more rules which should fix the failures, new patch ready for review.
    • it would help to have ppl testing with level=1 so i get more feedback after the patch is applied, then switch back level default to 1 (backout
  • GMP/EME Sandboxing
    • Started work on bug 1110911 ("Move Mac sandboxing code into plugin-container"). Have removed all XUL dependencies from Mac sandbox code.
  • Other Mac work
    • 10.10 testing deployment


  • bug 1136040 - Update to chromium in bug 1102195, broke building with gcc-4.6. It was already broken by a couple of other bugs but they would be easy to fix. In contact with some Linux Firefox packagers and it may be that dropping 4.6 will not be too painful.
  • bug 1135051 - need to add licence for SuperFastHash for update in bug 1102195. I have an r+ just waiting to see what happens with bug 1136040.


  • blassey to find someone on Rel Eng or A-Team to update Treeherder machines from OS X 10.8 to 10.10.
  • jld to file bug inquiring about newer kernels on Linux test machines