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  • Content Sandboxing
    • bug 1171796 - MOZ_LOG() and stderr from child process are not outputted into log file - need to initialise sandbox TargetServices before xul.dll is loaded and give full path for child log file.
  • NPAPI Sandboxing
    • bug 1182411 - Flash settings menu doesn't work on windowless plugins with low integrity sandbox - patch reviewed - needs a bit of work to make calls async.
    • bug 1185529 - Flash AS2 Key.isDown recently broken - this is in normal flash protected mode - still investigating, may have to back out sandboxing changes in the meantime.


  • Content Sandboxing
    • bug 930258 continues to make progress. Updated broker policy given results of Try run with logging, and fixed issues with profiler and memory reporting.


  • Content Sandboxing - The first bug is at a stopping point. I'm close to having a patch for the second. The third will be quite a lot of work, and I'm putting it off for a few weeks.
    • bug 1185084 - Interpose library for reverse engineering Apple's sandboxd
    • bug 1186158 - Receive notifications of sandbox violations in the browser on OS X
    • bug 1186187 - SandboxMirror kernel extension to help reverse engineer Apple's sandbox implementation

Cross Platform

  • WebRTC/OpenH264 Sandboxing
    • Shared memory buffer pools
    • Fixing some race conditions