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  • Content Sandboxing
    • bug 1238964 - Printing via parent doesn't handle paper sizes correctly - patches up for review.
    • bug 1240437 - PushLayer and PopLayer APIs are not implemented for DrawTargetRecording - Bas said he might pick this up, but I'll probably start looking at it tomorrow if he hasn't.
    • bug 1173371 - [e10s] Web page is not shown when launch Firefox from network drive on Windows - have patch for chromium sandbox to allow the use of network drives in policy and also patch for gecko to add read access to the policy for the Fx program directory if on remote drive. Tested on WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8.1 and Win10.
  • NPAPI Sandboxing
    • bug 1241250 - Prezi frozen at loading on fresh profile with latest Nightly 64 bits - will look into tomorrow.

Cross Platform