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  • bug 1252877 - Add support for taking plugin window captures at the start of a scroll - I have an almost working version of just getting the scrolling to work properly with no hiding, I'll get this in a try build along with the hiding and capture solution behind a pref.
  • bug 1280159 - Page Setup Margin Widths use Millimeters Instead of Inches (for paper Legal US e.g.) - more printing changes fallout - patch up for review.
  • bug 1273765 - Crash in mozilla::gfx::RecordedSetTransform::PlayEvent - crash to do with print recording, very low level, but I can reproduce, so I'll take a look at this next.


  • bug 1270018 - NS_APP_CONTENT_PROCESS_TEMP_DIR should only return the sandbox writeable temp
  • bug 1274540 - Record sandboxing status in crash reports

More updates to Some printing tests on OS X


  • bug 579388 e10s: Remote nsOSHelperAppService
  • bug 127385 Seccomp sandbox violation: sys_getsockopt called in content process of Firefox desktop
  • Telemetry analysis


  • Paul asked for list of bugs we need help with