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  • bug 1252877 - Add support for taking plugin window captures at the start of a scroll - most reviews in, part 2 updated following review.
  • bug 1273765 - Crash in mozilla::gfx::RecordedSetTransform::PlayEvent - patch up for review, but may well not be acceptable. bug 1285942 filed to deal with the crash more directly.


  • bug 1274540 - Record sandboxing status in crash reports - patch on reviewboard
  • bug 1284291 - Add the '' service to the sandbox profile. - Nightly/Sierra not stable for me right now


  • land/review patches for nightly bugs tracked by bug 1280415
  • updated wiki page for splitting up milestones/triaged current milestones


  • Firefighting seccomp landing
  • Approving patches


  • bug 1285356 - Windows DLL blocklist bustage - r+'d just need to address any comments and land


(Brought up earlier) Linux stack unwinding:

  • Imprecise unwinding and no line info from system libraries is a problem for SIGSYS triage
  • Client-side stack walking is being worked on: bug 1280469
  • There are also some half-finished tools for scraping some distros' debug packages; :ted knows.
  • But the stack scanning data can be used as-is; might need tracking down packages and disassembling/RE.

Non-crashing bug reporting:

  • For deciding how to stop allowing syscalls later.
  • Need some kind of live stack walks
    • client-side breakpad mentioned above?
    • Background hang telemetry does… something.
    • _Unwind_Backtrace and hope there's no reentrancy?
  • Need a bug for this 1286865