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  • bug 1321724 - [e10s] Local HTML cannot be opened in Firefox 50
    • Try build for reporter to test.
    • USER_NON_ADMIN is whitelist not blacklist.
  • bug 1324064 - [e10s] printing causes content process to crash with Foxit Reader PDF
    • Landed and uplifted to Aurora.
  • bug 1328257 - Perma failure in browser_webconsole_bug_595223_file_uri.js when Gecko 53 moves to Aurora
    • To do with file content process not being enabled.
    • Fix landed.
  • bug 1152353 - FX 37.0.1 Printer Properties Freeze
    • Can reproduce similar problem, it's to do with nested processing when print dialog shown I believe.
    • Working on a possible fix.
    • Related to bug 1243375, which is a fairly common shutdown hang (Currently #40).
  • bug 1321566 - uplifted to Aurora.
  • bug 1324000 - landed and uplifted to Aurora.


  • bug 1325647 - automated integer bound checking for IPC
    • billm wanted the entire thing to be only in c++
    • wrote a new PoC, attached to bug, asked for feedback


  • bug 1329216 crash on "print" in print dialog
  • bug 1330326 Make sandboxing policy more configurable via preferences
  • mingw build fixes for tor
  • X11 procotol and rust


  • bug 1306698 - When resize content/window, image under the flash plug-in is briefly display
    • really two bugs: both believed to be for Adobe. Details on both are in the bug.
    • Also has a patch (up for review) to fix some minor PluginFrame issues in the Direct Drawing case.
  • bug 1284897 - 64 bit Flash Player has storage permissions issues
    • still wip
  • bug 1329328 - 64-bit Firefox on Win10 - Flash Downloads result in OS Permission errors
    • looks like bug 1284897
  • bug 1307708 - Crash in [...] mozilla::plugins::PPluginModuleChild::CallGetKeyState
    • Still no STR but I have an idea to pursue with m_kato
  • bug 1312788 - Add console warning and telemetry if service workers are used in the file content process
    • "please request approval by setting the feedback flag for the data collection module owner or a peer"? -- feedback bsmedberg
  • bug 1306239 - Add pref to toggle OS X sandbox violation debugging, default off
    • Some violations are logged even with debug messages turned off. They come from e.g. the appleevents daemon. There seems to be nothing we can do about them.
    • haik suggests we default to 'on' for now.
    • Patch is r+
  • bug 1251202 - Implement Default Audio Device Notifications for NPAPI plugins on Windows
    • Adobe just reported an issue with this on 32-bit.


  • bug 1326361 - socket audit: did a little experiment, found DBus
    • Not yet known: what opened it, what breaks if it's revoked
  • bug 1286865 - took
  • bug 778201 - reopened to ni? about whether NPAPI using the proxy service can just go away
  • wrote up an alternate idea for the bounds checking thing
  • Took a look at — interesting; takes different approaches in some cases; probably not useful vs. what we already have
    • Doesn't use a broker; instead, depends on namespaces & bind-mounts stuff into a tmpfs
    • fork+unshare+fork, and making parent process a subreaper, to spawn into new pid namespace


  • Media sandboxing discussion from last week: pointed out risks of camera/voice access sharing

sandbox with networking