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  • Printing bugs
    • bug 1336483 - Xerox Workstation 7225 with ID Code
    • bug 1336211 - FireFox Mac Printing doesn't take into account the custom print settings (tray, color…)
  • bug 1334550 - Proxy moz-extension protocol requests to the parent process
    • Hacked together enough for a basic extension to work
    • More to do: implement synchronous open code path, add new ChildExtensionProtocolHandler


  • bug 1336703 - [e10s] Firefox does not render file URL from network drive
    • he was opening on the same machine, which falls foul of low integrity for some reason
  • bug 1339729 - Removing wow_helper from Windows process sandboxing
    • landed
  • bug 1338375 - Opening in a new http(s) window broken from file URL pages
    • landed
  • bug 1343184 - Add pref to allow http content linked from file:// URI to load in file content process
    • have a simple patch for this
  • bug 1141756 - Print-preview crashes Firefox on Windows, when the default printer is an unavailable networked printer
    • call for page count from the print preview xul coming in to early
    • landed fix to stop crash and possibly stop incorrect call
    • needs uplifting
  • bug 1342395 - Crash in the content process when printing a pdf document
    • passing a recording pattern down to real DrawTarget FillGlyphs
    • fix landed and uplifted to Fx53
  • bug 1342205 - Drag and drop of add-on/addon .xpi file from local file system on page unloads page/shows white page/empty page
    • new blocker for file content process
    • someone from addons looking at it
  • bug 1320458 - MOZ_LOG doesn't work for child processes because of sandboxing
    • Honza Bambas is working on it


  • bug 1284897 - 64 bit Flash Player has storage permissions issues (and friends)
    • landed. Considered push to beta but may be difficult
  • bug 1329328 - 64-bit Firefox on Win10 - Flash Downloads result in OS Permission errors
    • landed
  • bug 1342690 - Assertion failure - Opcode sequence includes commands after JMP
    • Spun from 1284897. Reporter finds this on Win10, same version as mine (somehow)
  • bug 1307708 - Crash in [...] mozilla::plugins::PPluginModuleChild::CallGetKeyState
    • Discussed with Bill. Got the idea of emulating GetKeyState instead of brokering
    • "The key status returned from this function changes as a thread reads key messages from its message queue. The status does not reflect the interrupt-level state associated with the hardware. Use the GetAsyncKeyState function to retrieve that information."

round table

  • bug 1330643 - Develop a printing test plan oriented around sandboxing related changes
  • I don't think we should wontfix bug 922481, it would be better if this were proxied through the parent even though we have the separate file content process, in my opinion
  • Build 52 release notes for Mac sandbox, no plan to announce