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  • bug 1308400 - Construct a file broker policy for default-deny read access on the Linux Desktop
    • Some progress on try orange
    • jld review in. Serious remarks, but approach seems still ok.
    • some nasty issues like memory reporter (about:memory) wanting to read /proc/!self/statm smaps


  • bug 1334550 - Proxy moz-extension protocol requests to the parent process
    • Addressed most of Honza's feedback
    • Working on follow-up patch to open file off the main thread in parent, debugging leak
    • Kris got some time and should have feedback today
  • bug 1350642 - Remove the PBrowser::Msg_GetTabCount sync IPC
    • Testing a fix, need to root cause failure, working on minimal test case


  • bug 1351358 - Can't submit form to http(s) URL using POST method from a file:// page
    • On inbound.
  • bug 1175267 - [e10s] about:addons page turns blank when opening XPI file
    • On inbound.
  • bug 1336657 - Firefox 51.0.1 prints only blank pages
    • Landed and uplifted to Beta.
  • bug 1339105 - Implement Windows Level 3 content process sandbox
    • Green on try, need to upload patches and get review.
  • bug 1361336 - Audio output device cannot be changed - nominated for triage.
  • bug 1352192 - Crash in mozilla::SandboxBroker::SetSecurityLevelForContentProcess with "SetIntegrityLevel should never fail, what happened?"
    • rstrong has a fix that is nearly ready for this.
  • bug 1358497 - Firefox 52.1 ESR has stopped working exception code e06d7363
    • Sounds similar to other issues, need to investigate.
  • bug 1364879 - Local file opened from private window does not open in private window
    • Have a fix for this, but also noticed that we don't honour the container/userContextId, so I need to look further.


  • Finally managed to do some reviewing on the symlink broker thing
    • general reverse-normalize is hard
    • fixing the modified realpath is less hard
  • inotify
    • Takes filesystem paths, thus bad.
    • GNOME MIME stuff — maybe just testing whether external protocol handler exists?
    • (Also FF doesn't offer a system-installed Thunderbird as a mailto: handler, regardless, so ???)
    • Seems to not break if soft failed
      • So bug 1355273 might not need beta uplift? seems trivial enough that i'd do it?
      • On the other hand, why not?
        • Resolved: uplift it anyway
  • Fun With Telemetry
    • The bold-underline text over the histograms is actually a dropdown
    • It's not one histogram per key, it's just four selectable histograms
    • …unless you have one key, in which case bug 1365751.
    • No surprises; everything is either fixed or has a bug already.
  • WebRTC and the proxy info - bug 1325242
    • Is (probably?) a DBus user, with dconf
      • Not a problem yet, but may block network/socket isolation?
    • Calls utime, with gconf — crashes on Nightly, may or may not do anything bad on beta/release


  • bug 1363290 - Flash Mouse lock
    • Handling reviews.
    • Limit to fullscreen?


  • Could the NPAPI sandbox be running at level 3 now on Windows 64-bit?
  • bug 1364496 - Get rid of all sync pref file saves
  • Documentation — guidelines for new code in Gecko
    • jld seems to have accidentally volunteered to at least start this