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  • DConf bug 1321134:
    • The shared-memory files are to signal readers to invalidate caches
    • If they can't be created, DConf *does* work, but rereads/reparses on every pref read
      • And prints a scary error message saying it won't work.
    • Uses DBus only for write, so that won't be a problem like I'd thought
    • Filed followup bug 1369118 for the possibilty of remoting this
      • It's hard to make a case for, but at least it's on file.
  • ESET
    • is also present in a consumer product, NOD32
      • Which is inexpensive, has free trial licenses, & can be bought normally
      • But also, it's not so unreasonable to use it with Firefox (vs. an enterprise server product)
    • Tested with Beta 54: browser works fine
      • Detects (and deletes!) the EICAR test file, but that's in the parent b/c brokering
      • Haven't tested GMP yet
      • Don't know what causes the msgsnd() call yet
        • This version of the .so does contain a msgsnd() call.
  • The LD_AUDIT bug


  • bug 1334550 - Proxy moz-extension protocol requests to the parent process
    • Addressed Kris's feedback, pushing to address some things in follow-up
    • Got r+ from mayhemer (Necko), still need r+ from Kris
    • Working on what would be a follow up patch to use JAR cache
  • bug 1350642 - Remove the PBrowser::Msg_GetTabCount sync IPC
    • Have a working fix, but it's not optimal
    • Got some feedback about how to improve



  • bug 1358223 - Hardcode the lowest allowable content sandbox level
    • Landed!
  • bug 1365257 - Consolidate MOZ_DISABLE_CONTENT_SANDBOX logic into GetEffectiveContentSandboxLevel
    • Mostly done, very small behavioral changes in Linux that might really be bug fixes
  • bug 1363760 - Install special powers as a non-temporary addon in tests
    • checkin-needed!
  • bug 1367560 - Test failing at level 3 because of Directory instantiation


  • bug 1358964 - Temp folder is not deleted on exit
    • Landed and uplifted.
  • bug 1323188 - Running Firefox from some network drives fails with an initial restricted access token.
    • I've got a fix for this that works with firefox.exe, but not plugin-container.exe yet.


  • bug 1367806 - Crash in PostToPluginThread
    • Residue from Flash mouse lock sandbox fix. Fixed.
  • bug 1368033 - Intermittent orange in TestDllInterceptor
    • Same.
  • bug 1334803 - XFinity login fails due to Flash sandbox
    • Determining if we can reasonably fix thru weakening sandbox by adding restricting SIDs