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  • bug 1369670 - Blank pages are printed with security.sandbox.content.level set to 3 when Users folder is a junction point
    • Have patches but there are some marionette test failures as it compares the profile path with it's own for some reason
  • bug 1368600 - Firefox isn't launched with e10s+sandbox after updating it
    • Change in the Creators update that means if the staged firefox.exe gets mapped into memory before it gets moved into the normal dir, then the mapped name does not get updated and the sandbox code to get the process base address fails.
    • rstrong has landed a patch to turn off staged updates on Windows
  • bug 1360029 - Crash in TppCallbackCheckThreadAfterCallback
    • Still can't reproduce this, asked original reporter to see if changes for bug 1369670 fix it
    • I notice that MessageChannel::WaitForSyncNotifyWithA11yReentry is in the MainThread dump call stack
  • bug 1323188 - Running Firefox from some network drives fails with an initial restricted access token.
    • landed


  • bug 1334550 - Proxy moz-extension protocol requests to the parent process
    • Still waiting on reviewer feedback, Jim is escalating
  • Proxy moz-extension Follow-up Work
    • Patch to use JAR cache is working (hacky, but I think OK)
  • bug 1350642 - Remove the PBrowser::Msg_GetTabCount sync IPC
    • Patches posted for review
  • bug 1353064 - Printing with Firefox 52.0.1 on on Mac OS X is always scaled to 100%
    • Have a working patch, almost ready for review
  • bug 1358090 - Cleanup Mac sandbox policies considering the file content process
    • Cleaning up policies


  • Fun with DRM: bug 1372428
  • We're bringing back the process priority manager? bug 1372543 and bug 1366356
  • Filed bug 1373034 for telemetry for installed-as-root
    • There are some known unknowns here.
  • Arch's effect on the histogram evolution dashboard is interesting.


  • bug 1334803 - XFinity login fails due to Flash sandbox
    • List of methods that Adobe proxies is very large and complex. This is a very complex potential fix.
    • Considering removing restricting SIDs from USER_INTERACTIVE
    • Trying to get help from MS