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  • Has to leave the meeting earlyish today — doctor appointment
  • bug 1299581 - block waitpid et al. (see also bug 227246
  • bug 1397753 - block kill (PulseAudio, sigh)
    • bug 1328896, restricting fcntl, is somewhat pointless without this
  • bug 1381653 - syscalls in main summary dataset: apparently a one-line patch
    • (I'd seen bug 1372900, which was not so simple, but apparently there's been cleanup within the past couple months to make this kind of change easier.)
  • No bug yet: child process renovation
    • No more SandboxEarlyInit and kUnexpectedThreads; can use prefs (or gfx state?) to control namespace use
    • pid namespaces for media plugins: seems to pass try
      • Finally, media plugins will be as sandboxed as a Chrome renderer
      • …but for content, not until PulseAudio is gone
        • I get hundreds of timeouts on Try, which I can't reproduce locally *or* with TaskCluster's “interactive task” mode.
        • I suspect it's PulseAudio and timing-dependent; I'll defer this until audio remoting happens
      • With gdb ≥ 7.9, seems to not need a helper script for multithreaded debugging
    • On my WIP branch: content sandbox levels 4 (net/fs isolation) and 5 (pid), because I can
    • Unfortunately, prefs are main thread only, and this all happens on the I/O thread
      • So, anything that's trying to be nice and not jank the main thread has to add complexity with pref caches
      • instead of putting that burden on whatever odd use case is causing prefs to be a bottleneck?


  • bug 1382323 - Broken external protocol handlers on Fedora
  • I can reproduce this now, it's nsOSAppHelperService again, callpath we missed into GNOME
  • Got a remoting implementation but issue still reproduces, debugging


  • bug 1391186 - Thunderbird loses setting as default email client when "mailto" triggered by Firefox 56/57
    • reviewed
  • bug 1395898 - [OOP] jar cache incorrectly handled non-existent file paths
    • landed
  • bug 1397257 - [Windows] Awesome Screenshot removing error for a second uninstallation


  • bug 1392570 - Firefox fails to launch on Windows 7 when already running in a job.
    • landed and uplifted to Beta
  • bug 1395952 - improve telemetry when sandbox child fails to launch.
    • waiting for data review - but probably going to change this to record once per Gecko Process Type/Error code combination per session
  • bug 1397301 - Crash in sandbox::SharedMemIPCClient::DoCall
    • Seems to have spiked in Beta 9, dump complains that pointer is null when it isn't.
    • possibly something to do with 64-bit migration


  • bug 1229829 - Alternate desktops, landed!
  • win32k research
    • Breakthrough this week, now have something which goes from process spawn to exit with no human intervention and captures stacks!
    • Next to wire it up to mach run's --debugger, then mach test!


  • bug 1382251 - Brokering https in NPAPI process
    • wip
  • bug 1388903 - invalid HWND in PrintDlg
    • Uplift
  • bug 1395321 - Print to file bug
    • Divergence from the working (no sandbox) version: Flash -> StartDocW -> StartDocPrinterW -> StartDocDlgW -> RPC call which (apparently) fails
    • Not yet narrowed to a particular sandbox setting.
  • bug 1391247 - Flash Async Drawing Breaks On Tab Switch
    • Bug is in the plugin. Kicked to Adobe.