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  • bug 1404298 - Crashes with read-access content sandboxing triggered by mounted volumes
    • Uplifted to Beta
  • bug 1421262 - Firefox renders garbage viewing PDFs or Google Docs with nVidia driver
    • Landed on Nightly
    • Filed related bug 1427827 - [Mac] Downloadable Nvidia drivers shader caching blocked by content sandbox
  • bug 1393259 - [Mac] Remote access to fonts from custom directories, font managers
    • Prototype using sandbox extensions is working


  • clang builds on windows for bug 1297740


  • bug 1423628 - Stop processing native events in the content process
    • bug 1395536 no longer a blocker can be reproduced with or without pref
    • bug 1396984 still investigating
    • Looked into turning on just for Mac and Linux bug 1426100, but seems to cause regressions on Talos
  • bug 1421944 - Webrtc microphone input broken in Windows Insider Preview Build 17046
    • Looks like Microsoft have a fix for this


  • bug 1381050 - Arbitrary Code Guard - initial design document written and feedback from the JIT team incorporated
  • bug 1428055 - Block some secret macOS sandbox rules
    • Works ok
    • Might be a macOS bug related to one of them
  • bug 1426807 - Print IPC regression with a11y, need to figure out how to get a copy of these