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  • bug 1430118 Child process logging doesn't work (again) when sandboxing is on
  • Problems attaching debugger to sandboxed content processes
  • bug 1386404 Stop allowing Linux content processes to access /tmp
  • investigating with #ateam, might be shutdown hang


  • bug 1407693 - Don't create files in crash reporter; working through failing tests
  • bug 1426807 - crash in printing with a11y on Windows; waiting for feedback
  • Reviewed Nika's process-per-origin doc


  • bug 1423628 - Stop processing native events in the content process
    • bug 1396984 - Scrollbar becomes black on first connection of second screen
      • Tracked it down to failing NtGdiDrawStream calls in DrawThemeBackground, can't see why they're failing at the moment.
    • bug 1430744 - Stop processing native events in the content process on Windows in Nightly
      • Just realised my patch doesn't check for NIghtly so need to add that and land.
  • bug 1421944 - Webrtc microphone input broken in Windows Insider Preview Build 17046
    • Fix in insider build and confirmed by original reporter.


  • bug 1243108 - Tried to repro the sendmsg bug in rr; rr is (understandably) slow on it; failed to repro. Might try running in a loop overnight.
  • bug 1151624 - Realized why pid namespace isolation was failing on Try, after it failed locally while dogfooding
    • The profiler / BackgroundHangMonitor uses tgkill(getpid(), …); I remapped in seccomp-bpf, but that doesn't help pre-sandbox
    • (It got ESRCH, failed a debug-only assertion, and locked up in a complicated way involving 3 different threads)
  • bug 1401062 - The clone bug could land, but I'm deferring it until post-59-freeze
    • Risk would be GMP-only, so we could easily miss problems until release
  • bug 1430949 - Filed separate bug for network namespace isolation
    • Investigated with LD_PRELOAD shim whether we're doing other socket stuff pre-sandbox (e.g., DBus), but I see only X
  • bug 1386019 - Wrote the rest of the miscellaneous-audio-stuff patch
  • bug 1430274 - …and realized that I broke ALSA in 58, but there's a bug from a few days ago with a patch
  • …which Telemetry would've told us if we'd been monitoring it in a more organized way
    • I have some ideas for tooling here.


  • bug 1382251 - Brokering https in NPAPI process
    • landing (in 60)
  • bug 1429643 - Limit SSL brokering to 64-bit
    • ready
  • bug 1358372 - sndvol.exe shows multiple volume sliders for browser
    • WIP tests
    • Writing up the bug report for MS
  • bug 1411379 - Flash needs registry access to run updater at reboot
  • bug 1429032 - Flash cannot launch AIR installer
    • Not granting special permissions

Tor Dev Meeting - March 11th

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