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  • bug 1435296 [Spectre] Landed the 2ms bump in Nightly and Beta
    • A lot of my time
  • bug 1425462 [Spectre] Timer Fuzzing
    • Moved this forward and cleaned things up
    • TODO: Float Fuzziness, Replace SHA() with AES-CTR, Probably Thread Safety
  • bug 1430841 [Spectre] Float Fuzziness
    • Think I have defined all the correct invariants of how things should behave
    • Then I think I proved they contradict each other and can't be satisfied.
    • Most of the rest of my time


  • bug 1407693 CrashReporter no longer creates files in content!
    • bug 1438209 Small regression with dummy CrashReporter, patch up
  • bug 1405088 Remove final file-write permissions from macOS content sandbox!
    • Note sent to dev-platform
  • bug 1348361 Remove sync IPC from process launch, taking over from :spohl
    • Not much progress to report yet, tons of nasty merge conflicts
  • bug 1435434 Remove several usages of enablePrivilege from talos


  • Some more fiddling with X11 interception
  • Linux distros and unpriviledged namespaces
  • Recovered the fglrx machine
  • We don't work correctly, investigating:
  • bug 1438215 Sandbox breaks ATI fglrx driver


  • bug 1415160 - Set process mitigations on NPAPI proc
    • landed
  • bug 1366256 - NPAPI sandbox level 3
    • plan to submit next week if all goes well with bug 1415160
  • bug 1358372 - sndvol.exe shows multiple volume sliders for browser
    • beta uplift issues
  • bug 1358372 - Crash in _EH_prolog3
    • Turned out not to be from bug 1358372. Looks to me to be COM related but I see no issues on our end


  • bug 1436566 - [Mac] Land disabled-by-default sandboxing for the Flash NPAPI plugin process
    • Landed, Softvision to test it this week, behind pref security.sandbox.mac.flash.enabled
  • bug 1433577 - [Mac] Enable sandboxing for the Flash NPAPI plugin process
    • Working on understanding plugin code enough to enable both Flash versions
    • Planning to use option-click to disable "safe mode", posted some UI mockups to the bug
    • Will wait to see how Softvision's testing goes
    • Try to lock down the process more
    • Linux?


  • bug 701083 - I found why Vidyo wasn't working outside a VM for me
    • But that might not be everyone's bug
  • bug 1436882 - I broke gdb by forgetting the signal number in clone(), but it's fixed now
  • bug 1434927 - The mysterious performance regression has been "fixed" by adding a time.sleep to the test runner
    • I managed to reproduce something similar by experimenting with the unshare(1) shell command, & studied it with perf(1)
    • Creating network namespaces is... barely noticeable in cpstartup & insignificant otherwise
    • Destroying network namespaces is more expensive, and async, and entangled with various kernel synchronization things
    • And so the kernel cleaning up the *last* test run is blocking the clone()s
  • bug 1434528 - The AppArmor / LightDM guest session bug
    • Will land my workaround & file a bug upstream
    • (Was going to attempt a PR, but the profiles are... nontrivial)
  • SysV IPC still has problems
    • bug 1438394 - fglrx isn't always being detected
      • No idea what this is.
    • bug 1438391 - VirtualGL is using SysV SHM early
    • bug 1438401 - surprise shmget from Cairo
      • Maybe Cairo using XCB instead of Xlib?
      • Which also means maybe we didn't need to duplicate the XShm thing, but oh well
  • nvidia is still causing problems
    • bug 1438389 - chown()
    • connect() - not filed; going to email them when everything else isn't breaking

round table

  • note, Bob and David on PTO next week, jimm offline mostly in Toronto
    • Americans off on Monday (Presidents' Day!)
  • Site Isolation