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  • bug 1434711 WebGL causes a crash with the AMDGPU-PRO video driver
    • Fixed
  • Reviews
  • bug 1129492 Firefox content process has a live connection to the X11 server.


  • IPC fuzzer
    • First sec finding!
    • It works!
    • Working on tuning it now (added a message-type blacklist to avoid generating messages that are known to crash)
    • bug 1450047 - updated in tree copy of libFuzzer
    • - upstream bug in libFuzzer
    • Going to get a patch up on phab later today and start breaking out all the random hacks I've layered around the codebase
    • Still a handful of design issues I need to cycle back on (e.g. some things MOZ_ASSERT because they expect to be on a worker thread)
    • Need to generate a coverage report and see what it looks like
    • There's a file descriptor leak I think


  • bug 1437281 - OSX dragging image to desktop changes OSX File associations
    • Landed
  • bug 1448374 - Loading a .javascript file from a WebExtension's web_accessible_resources messing with macOS file associations
    • Landed
  • bug 1448161 - Firefox changes default .txt app from TextEdit to Console (OS X)
    • Probably a dupe of 1448374, need to confirm
  • 1433577 bug 1433577 - [Mac] Enable sandboxing for the Flash NPAPI plugin process on Nightly
    • Landed, limited to Nightly
  • bug 1395504 - Infinite hang of web content process when parent process crashes...
    • Started trying to figure out what's going on here, need to understand more about how breakpad works in Mac Firefox


  • Working on Tor Network Planning w/ mcmanus
  • bug 1434316 MinGW x64 Build
    • Working on getting a debug build with symbols that _can_ run so we can figure out why it _doesn't_ run
  • Think I've agreed to implement SameSite Cookies....
  • Other small and various bugs


  • bug 1449480 - Crash in logging::LogMessage::~LogMessage
    • Fallout for crashing where we're supposed to in chromium sandbox code.
    • Had to change a CHECK to a DCHECK for now.
    • I've realised that the handle verifier in the chromium sandbox code isn't turned on in release for chromium.
    • Also when it is turned on they have hooks enabled to track all other handle closing.
    • I have a patch for this, should be up for review soon.
  • Bug 1447019 - Use MITIGATION_WIN32K_DISABLE flag for GMP process.
    • Landed this but have had to pref it off for now due to intermittent test failures.
  • Continuing to look into the canvas code.


  • bug 1366256 - NPAPI sandbox level 3
    • should now be able to provision win10 loaner
  • bug 1436972 - Properly maintain audio session ref count
    • uplifted
  • 2 plugin sec bugs
  • bug 1446499 - FunctionHook::HookProtectedMode should be persistent
    • in review
  • bug 1450773 - Block restricting SIDs in plugin processes except in nightly
    • Weakened sandbox so that audio device changes are recognized
    • uplifted.
    • We can restore this at any time once Adobe fixes issues.
  • bug 1450708 - Crash in FunctionBroker
    • Looks like weird ConditionVariable behavior. Docs are too spare to know.

Round Table

  • Workday goals for Q1 not required
  • waiting on guidance from hr on what to do for Q2 and beyond
  • Windows cubeb audio remoting completion pushed back to end of Q3 on Windows.
    • Wondering if this might block win32k lockdown switch
    • OSX recently turned on but backed out shortly after due to perf issues.
    • (Linux: audio remoting blocked network/socket isolation, without which we basically don't have a sandbox)
  • WebGL remoting discussion
  • Mac Nightly now using OOP Extensions on Mac
  • From Jeff Wednesday - "We can't quite bind right at webidl, since we need to work with some content-side objects like images and videos. We need a light marshalling layer there for objects anyways, I think. Most webgl webidl entry points will likely become shims though. I'll try to get you a starting point this week."