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  • I found the kernel bug! ??
  • Kernel bug action items:
    • Report to Linux
    • Commit a workaround
    • Tell Chromium because they're doing the same thing
    • …does Servo e10s need to worry?
    • (*Our* IPC might be affected, but we don't create/destroy toplevel actors often so the chance of hitting this might be negligible.)
  • Got a late start trying to write up something about the sandbox changes for 60
  • bug 1460297 - A `sudo firefox` failure; a workaround exists; resolved
    • Might want to post-facto relnote that.
  • Tor Browser will be moving to ESR60 soon; see if there's anything post-60 they might want to backport.


  • bug 1455252 - Startup crash in CreateProcessAsUserW (mostly zh-CN)
    • Looked through a lot of reports and some dumps, looks like various things messing up hooking.
    • Disappeared w/c 23/4 - maybe a Windows update??
  • Canvas remoting
    • Different approach fixes some issues.
    • Some things that crashed before now don't crash, but have black blocks overlaid.
    • Also seem to have a memory leak or possibly slow to release memory.
  • Sandbox sec bugs.


  • bug 1452278 - [Mac] Make nsOSHelperAppService::GetFromTypeAndExtension() not call OS MIME API's in content
    • Generic MIMEInfo class, nsOSHelperAppService
  • bug 1458553 - Return of Google Maps all black map with updated Nvidia web driver on Mac
    • Mac telemetry