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As bugs come into the Firefox::Tracking Protection component, the bug triage owner should follow these steps:

  1. Move misplaced bugs into the right component:
    • Platform bugs should be moved into Toolkit::Safe Browsing
    • Server-side bugs should be moved into Cloud Services::Server: Shavar
  2. Breakage bugs should block one of these meta bugs:
    • tppaywall if TP is triggering a paywall / adblocker detection script (e.g. FuckAdBlock)
    • tpvideo if TP is blocking the playing of videos
    • trackingprotection otherwise
  3. Close paywall-related bugs as WONTFIX.
  4. Mark bugs that have the same root cause (e.g. Facebook videos are blocked on site X) as DUPLICATE of one another.
  5. Add the tp-entitylist whiteboard tag if the breakage could be mitigated by expanding the entity whitelist to linked domains owned by the same organization.
  6. Add the tp-needsrepro whiteboard tag if the problematic resource is not mentioned in the bug.
  7. For feature requests and bugs that require a product decision:
    1. Tag with the tp-product whiteboard tag.
    2. NEEDINFO :pdol with a suggested decision (typically P3 or WONTFIX).
  8. Move to Tech Evangelism: Desktop any bug that needs to be resolved by the site owners (e.g. to avoid relying on trackers for their site's functionality to work).
  9. Set a priority on the bug:
    • tp-needsrepro: P3
    • tp-product: --
    • tp-entitylist: P2
    • Tech Evangelism: --

Reproducing bugs

Someone looking at the tp-needsrepro bugs should:

  1. Close any unreproducible bugs with WORKSFORME.
  2. Find the offending blocked resource and add a comment to the bug.
  3. Tag bugs with the list that causes the breakage in the whiteboard field.
    • tp-base for the standard list
    • tp-content for the strict list