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Welcome to the Mozilla Security wiki.


Security-related bugs

Engaging with Security

How To Find Us

Lots of options, we're here to help:

  • - email us any questions, concerns, etc
  • Bugzilla Keyword - sec-review-needed - We triage based on this keyword and will jump in to provide assistance
  • #security on IRC
  • File a security/privacy review request via this link
  • Attend a Security Talk given by one of the security team

Security reviews for new features/products/applications

Main Article: Security/Reviews

The Mozilla Secure Development Lifecycle

Security Bug Processes

Request a Security or Privacy Review

Security Radar

Security Feature Development

We build secure operation and user sovereignty into the web platform and leverage the open web to bring these attributes to more environments. Check out the SecurityEngineering page for more info!

Security Initiatives

Security Resources and Blogs

Mozilla Official Sites

Personal Security Related Blogs of Mozillians

Twitter Accounts of Security Mozillians

OWASP Projects and chapters

The Mozilla Security team is heavily involved with OWASP:

Mozilla Security team members also frequently talk at OWASP chapter meetings and conferences.

Non-Mozilla Resources (blogs, news sites, twitter, tools)

Stuff that needs to be merged into this page properly

Meeting Notes