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(Also linked from Platform/2013-Q4-Goals#Security)

This quarter, every goal must have more than one person affiliated with and working on it. There is still a DRI, but nobody is working alone.

  • Sandboxing
    • Outcome: Next set of steps towards a exploit-containing platform.
    • DRI: sid (+keeler +christoph)
    • Tasks:
      • [DONE] Implement: Chromium-sandbox: make it possible to compile and activate on mozilla-central - (keeler + bbondy)
      • [DONE] Implement: b2g/e10s security feature tests: Get CSP tests passing in e10s with help from overholt on platform team (garrett + sid + mwobensmith)
      • [DONE] Implement: enable seccomp-bpf for linux desktop - bug 935111 (christoph)
  • Roadmaps
    • Outcome: More visibility and aim for our team's projects.
    • DRI: monica (+sid +garrett +cviecco +briansmith)
    • Tasks:
  • NetSec
    • Outcome: Massive improvement in channel security for SSL sites that want protection from decryption.
    • DRI: briansmith (+cviecco)
    • Tasks:
      • [MISSED] Land Insanity::PKIX - bug 878932 (briansmith + cviecco)
      • [DONE] Implement: TLS 1.2 enabled on nightly requires server intolerance + telemetry (cviecco + briansmith)
  • Mixed Content wrap up
    • Outcome: Mixed script is blocked widely on the web in a stable way (and has no more urgent follow-ups.)
    • DRI: christoph (+tanvi)
    • Tasks:
      • [MISSED] Implement: redirect bug - bug 418354 and bug 878890
      • [DONE] Implement: don't show mixed content on http pages - bug 909920 (may require content policy api changes)
      • [DONE] Implement: missing notification - bug 915951.
      • [DONE] Implement: persistency for child tabs - bug 906190
  • CSP
    • Outcome: Wider adoption of CSP when Firefox supports these features (and beginning of CSP v1.1)
    • DRI: garrett (+sid)
    • Tasks: