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Push-tab-to-device is a method of quickly sharing a page you're currently browsing with any other device connected to your sync account.

How To Send

  • Make sure you have your mobile device connected to a sync account and your browser open on the page you want to share.
  • Open the context menu and click "Share" on the bottom left.

Fennec context menu.png

  • Choose to share via Firefox Sync

Share via firefox sync.png

  • Select the devices connected to your sync account that you'd like to share with and click Send

Choose device.png

  • You're done! Continue Browsing

Continue browsing.png

How To Receive

  • A received tab will show up as a Firefox Sync icon in your notifications bar on the top left

Hidden notification.png

  • Pull down your notifications list to view your received tab (as you would view any other Android notification)

Notification on page.png

  • Click on the notification to open it through your browser (or app) of choice (A default list of apps for opening the tab will be provided)

Desktop Implementation

Currently, push-tab-to-device on desktop must be used through an addon:

Mobile Implementation

Sending and receiving tabs on mobile has yet to be officially released but if you're eager, here are the bugs to track:

Feature Pages

What's Left?

If you're interested in the general progression of this feature. bug 507471 is an excellent meta bug to follow.