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  • Server Environments
    • Sandbox
      • No puppet, just do stuff
      • Internal only
    • Dev
      • Uses puppet
      • Builds on checkin
      • Runs functional + unit tests on checkin
      • Devs have access to debug
      • Same config as stage (and prod, if possible)
    • Stage
      • Uses puppet
      • Requires an explicit update (see release process)
      • No app gets into stage without full functional and stress test coverage
    • Production
      • Uses puppet
      • Explicit push as per process below
      • Functional tests run periodically in prodl
  • Release cycles
    • Emergency pushes
      • Must hit stage and pass functional tests. An unplanned outage (503 at Zeus level) is of higher value than pushing unverified code to prod.
      • Requires sign-off from key people (TBD) before we short-circuit process
      • QA signoff preferred, not mandated unless deemed necessary as a part of sign-off
    • Normal maintenance
      • Checkpoint on Wed AM, identify apps with pending updates that are stable + passing tests
      • Stage by EOD Wed, hand off to QA Thursday AM, start stress (95% load) test
      • QA signoff by EOD Monday (five days, three working days)
      • Push to prod on Tuesday
      • Debrief as needed at Wed meeting
      • If we fail on stress/QA tests, we punt to the next week cycle
    • Feature releases
      • Checkpoint on Wed AM
      • Ensure all supporting documentation for new/changed features is updated and in primary doc location
      • Push to stage by EOD Wed
      • QA + stress test as with normal releases, but for an extra week (12 days, eight working days) to ensure time to test new feature fully + extended run time to shake out issues
  • Documentation
    • All new features and functional changes must be documented before the change can be pushed to stage
    • Format is TBD, but current front-runner is Sphinx
  • Build and Test
    • Packaging
      • All apps must use the same package and install mechanism, with services-core as a base to provide consistent behaviour
      • Build scripts must follow a format that can be used with Hudson
    • Continuous Integration
      • All projects must be buildable by Hudson, and will build on each commit
      • Build/test failures must be fixed immediately or the change reverted
    • Functional and unit tests
      • Tests are required for all apps as a prerequisite for pushing to stage
      • Apps that are already in stage/prod require tests for all changes
      • All features must be tested fully (not just default paths)
      • Tests must run on each checkin, any test failures block push to stage