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Mozilla Summit Notes

Products in the Cloud Etherpad

Idea Board Notes

Santa Clara

In no particular order:

  • Provide clients to use Sync-dwelling passwords for services outer than the web: SSH, mail, calendar, SFTP, dick images. All existing password managers are insufficiently cross-platform or cross-service. We are the most trustworthy cloud provider. I'm sick of having 10 keychains. --erik@moz
  • Preformatted Cloud Servers for setting up Personal sync servers, IDP, RTC, etc.
  • Ooo! And we could champion an open, published storage format so that other scan write clients-- We don't have to write them all ourselves. Agile Keychain is a decent strawman: just a bunch of AES-encrypted JSON files that are easy to rsync.
  • CLOUD service not accessible in China due to GREAT WALL thing
  • Preformatted AMIs, Cloud formation
  • 1) Protect users from spying by e.g. NSA regarding by reconsidering security model -i.e. look mechanisms that can't be hacked if Mozilla had to hand over all it's keys and data.
  • Help startups to develop open software and services; Crash reporting as a service like new relic? ;Partner with projects like OpenStack to improve deployment.
  • Leaderboards for games; social games services; standardizing game services across platforms
  • Full user history on the cloud; cross browser user profiles; be able to customize which cloud service server you use. Be able to set up your own.
  • Webmaker for Services
  • Sync + 3rd party apps; decentralized Dropbox; Persona app to authenticate on IOS and Android
  • EASY 3rd PARTY ACCESS TO SYNC; Already available. Check the API
  • Connect user profiles with the Persona Gravatar-esque where user can selectively share profile pictures and etc.
  • Message forwarding service
  • Presence; who's online
  • Sync platform for web apps (persistent)
  • Notifications cloud service (instead of using emails); bJabber based peer service for note
  • Something like Facebook Connect/Googlet signin (Many people don't trust them)
  • Don't build social network tools. Build communication tools, foundational patterns, generic palatforms
  • Build awesome user-facing services, not tied to Firefox
  • Increase awareness of distinctive qualities of Mozilla's cloud
  • MediaGoblin + Persona = Federated Media Hosting
  • Outreach to other open-cloud-services projects, to ensure interop.
  • Encourage content production -- Mozilla + Neocities = ♥
  • Dropbox
  • Mozilla allows you to run your own cloud instance -- increase awareness for this.
  • video-chat with OPEN protocols; "Firefox Friends?"
  • (Persona) Oauth-style Delegation via Persona
  • Cloud Services On-boarding
  • Cloudmaker !!
  • BumpKey - simple inter-device key exchange using NFC/QRcam (time-bombed?)
  • Peer-to-peer sync (using WebRTC?)