Seta00 report September 2011

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Reporter User:Seta00
Date September 2011
Recruits 1
Past Items Distributed some spare SWAG (info cards and stickers) from this year's FISL in the university, and in the process met some people from the university's radio station, which granted me an interview about Mozilla and the Web.

The interview was mainly about volunteer contributions in the Web and how Mozilla fits in this. We talked about why those contributions are crucial for Mozilla and the Web in general, how I started helping with Mozilla, and how people can get started if they want.

Besides that, it was a very busy month, so I couldn't do much.

Next Items I'm giving a talk about SUMO on LatinoWare in a few days, should have a nice audience. We're also going to work on our local infra-structure to improve the entry path for new contributors.