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Sheriffs have the responsibility for landing checkin-needed patches on behalf of others who do not have the needed commit access to do so themselves or those who do not have the ability to watch their pushes afterwards.
Usually, patches should be landed after the merges and after the nightly builds started running. Of course, it can also be done when requested.

Phabricator queries for revisions requiring check-in

  • There is a saved Phabricator differential query that may be used to find revisions requiring check-in.

Location of the menu link for #Check-in Needed Query

How to land #Check-in Needed revisions

The only supported method for landing check-in needed patches from Phabricator is Lando.

Landing revisions via Lando (to integration/autoland)


  • Access the revision and click View Stack in Lando at the top right of the page:

Location of the View Stack in Lando link

  • Verify that the reviewers who have accepted the revision have proper authority.
    • Look at the reviewers column in the table showing the stack of revisions and identify the reviewers who have accepted each revision.
    • Verify these reviewers are Module Owners/Peers and have the authority to review code for Firefox.

Location of reviewers in Lando

  • Click the Preview Landing button in the bottom right corner of the page.

Location of the Preview Landing button

  • Quickly look over each commit message’s first line in the landing preview to ensure it is formatted correctly. Note that the preview pane scrolls vertically to list all of the commits.

Location of each commit message's first line.

  • Check the landing warnings.
    • The bottom of the landing preview might contain a list of warnings that block landing unless acknowledged.
    • Warnings should not be acknowledged without consideration.
    • Warning signWarning: Only the "Has Previously landed" warning is acceptable to acknowledge and continue landing. If there are any other warnings present landing should halt.

A list of warnings in the Landing Preview

If you cannot land the patch from the GUI:

  • Remove the #Check-in Needed project tag.
    • To do this access the revision and click Edit Revision at the top right of the page.

Location of the Edit Revision link

  • Comment on the revision that it could not be checked-in, providing the reason.