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In order to prevent long Tree-Closures after Release Merge Day, Sheriffs are now doing regular simulations of Code Merges from like Trunk -> Aurora, Aurora -> Beta and Trunk -> Beta

The steps how to do this Simulations are documented here :

> Have a m-c unified repo somehere -> hg import the patches that you want like Early Beta/Late Beta -> for commit on the last changeset use the try synatx that philor suggested

for as beta pushes
try: -b do -p all -u all[-10.6,-Windows XP] -t none --no-retry 
for as dev-edtion :
try: -b o -p linux-devedition-nightly,linux64-devedition-nightly,macosx64,win32,win64 -u all[-10.6,-Windows XP] -t all[-10.6,-Windows XP]

-> Push to try (if you are not familiar with the try server here is a good link to read)

The patches that contain the configurations changes are in Bug 1280663

Using the the first 2 patches of that bug gets you late beta - when you include the 3rd patch -> Early Beta

And the last patch from the bug gets you Dev Edition.