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  • Tentatively planning to ship Shumway ads with Firefox 42, but may pivot to ship Shumway JS library to ad networks before shipping in Firefox, in response to Chrome's change in the ad market.
  • Chrome 44 may ship with click-to-play Flash ads next week:
    • How much longer will ad companies publish Flash ads if Chrome is going to click-to-play them?


  • Landing on Nightly is still blocked on jsplugins bug 558184.
  • Bug count is still high. Bug fix velocity points to 43/44, not 42.

Accomplished Last Week

  • Met at Whistler work week.
  • Met with peterv and bz about jsplugins. Should land in ~1.5 weeks.
  • Met with Content Services team about reaching out to ad tech companies. Will follow up next week.
  • Completed SWF crawl of Alexa Top 1,000,000 sites.

Planned for Upcoming Week

  • Compare June 2015 SWF crawl data to December 2014 SWF crawl. Are there fewer Flash ads? Have the major ad servers changed?
  • Triage blocking bugs to reduce scope for 42.