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User Identification in a Room
"displayName": "Alexis",
"account": "",
"idroomConnectionId": "2a1787a6-4a73-43b5-ae3e-906ec1e763cb"
* '''displayName''' - The user-friendly name that should be displayed for this participant
* '''account''' - If the user is logged in, this is the FxA account name or MSISDN that was used to authenticate the user for this session
* '''idroomConnectionId''' - An id, unique within the room for the lifetime of the room, used to identify a participant ''for the duration of one instance of joining the room''. If the user departs and re-joins, this id will change. Note that this document uses a UUID in its examples, since they can be used in this fashion without having to store additional state; however, anything that is unique within a room for its entire lifetime (e.g., a constantly increasing integer) would be suitable as well.
== Room Size Handling ==

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