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Security/Server Side TLS

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Our guidelines maintain support for SSLv3 in the Old configuration only. This is required for clients on Windows XP service pack 1 & 2 that do not have support for TLSv1.0. Internet Explorer and Chrome on those platforms are impacted. Mozilla wants to be reachable from very old clients, to allow them to download a better browser. Therefore, we maintain SSLv3 compatibility on a limited number of sites. But all sites that do not need that level of compatibility are encouraged to implement the Intermediate configuration
=== Logjam attack ===
The Logjam attack describes methods of attacking TLS servers supporting DHE export ciphers, and with weak (< 1024 bit) Diffie Hellman groups. Modern TLS servers should not include these configurations. The recommendations in this guide provide configurations that are not impacted by this.
== SPDY ==

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