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Firefox/Data Collection

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Clarified that review from *data collection* module owner or peers is required as this caused some confusion
* Data collection details must be documented using the in-tree histogram definitions or the in-tree documentation system (.rst files).
* New data collection or changes to data collection must be approved by the data collection module owner or peers by requesting review on the patch which updates the in-tree documentation.
== Requesting Approval ==
It is our intention to review every new data collection within Firefox, but to do so quickly and with minimal overhead. For every new measurement, even a simple new Telemetry probe, please request approval by setting the feedback flag for the data collection module owner or a peer. Simple requests should be handled within a day.
More complex requests, and especially requests which add a new kind of data collection mechanism or require changes to the privacy notice, will require more extensive review. Please consider pinging the team about these as they are being designed! Additional discussions/review may include:

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