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Project Channels: Removed #camino; fixed some eerrors
* [irc:// #bugzilla] - Bugzilla project discussion
* [irc:// #calendar] - Calendar project and Lightning. ''This addon is for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey while the freestanding Sunbird isn't actively developed.''
* [irc:// #camino] - Camino browser for Mac OS X
* [irc:// #chatzilla] - Discussion about ChatZilla, the IRC client extension
* [irc:// #firefoxstudents] - [[StudentAmbassadors|Student Ambassadors]] main channel
* [irc:// #songbird] - Songbird project discussion
* [irc:// #sumo] - [[Support|Mozilla Support]] main channel
* [irc:// sync #sync] - Discussion of [[CloudServices/Sync|Firefox Sync]], including self-hosting
* [irc:// #testpilot] - Discussion about the [[Test Pilot]] project prototyping new features in Firefox.
* [irc:// #themedev] - Discussion about theme development
* [irc:// #webcompat] - Home of Mozilla's [ Web compatibility effort]
* [irc:// #womoz] - Women & Mozilla Discussion channel
* [irc:// #xul] - Discussion about the XUL programming interface specification language
====General Discussion====
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