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'''* To get help or to ask question please visit [ Thunderbird Support (SUMO)]. To make a suggestion please [ file an enhancement request]. To report a bug use [ bugzilla].'''</div><br>
'''Welcome to the wiki of [ Mozilla Thunderbird].''' Below you will find links to commonly requested information.
'''Welcome to the wiki of Thunderbird is alive and well. [[ Mozilla Thunderbird#contributing|Please help us keep it that way!]].''' We celebrate In 2014 we celebrated 10 year since the release of [ Thunderbird 1.0 , on December 7, 2004]. Thunderbird is alive and well, [[#contributing| please help us keep it that way]]!
= Latest release =
= General information =
 * [[Thunderbird/New_Release_and_Governance_Model:Getting_Help|New Release and Governance ModelGet help]]
* [[Thunderbird/CommunicationChannels|Thunderbird Communication Channels]] - How and where to get information.
* [[Thunderbird/StatusMeetings|Bi-Weekly Status meetings]] - Weekly Contributors and newcomers conference call to discuss Thunderbird status meeting - how to participate, and . (includes past meeting notes.* [[Thunderbird:Getting_Help|Getting help]] - Problems when using Thunderbird? Here's how to get help.)
= Contributing =
How you can help ... <ul>'''Thunderbird is self-supported by its user community. We need you, and welcome you to give back to the community.''' No prior experience is needed in most cases to help with:</ul>
* [ Donate]
* [ Thunderbird Support questions] - Visit [ Thunderbird support forum] where you can answer questions from users. ( aka SUMO is where Thunderbird users are supported by the community.)
* [ Thunderbird Knowledge Base on SUMO] - Visit [ the Knowledge Base (aka KB)] where you can help improve documentation which users refer to for assistance.
* [[Thunderbird:Testing|QA testing]] - How you can help with quality assurance and testing.
* [ Localization] - Information on how How you can join translators to localize Thunderbird.
* [[Thunderbird/Contributing patches|Contributing patches and fixes]] - How you can get started contributing patches and fixes.
* [[Thunderbird/Community_Members|Community members]] - List of active community members contributing to and supporting Thunderbird.
'''To get more information about how you can help, talk to a human, or to introduce yourself, see [[Thunderbird/CommunicationChannels|Thunderbird Communication Channels]].'''
<ul>'''Again, we need users like yourself to help in one of the above areas. Please inquire today.'''</ul> (In most cases no prior experience is needed to help.)
= Upcoming releases =
* [[Thunderbird/Thunderbird38|Thunderbird 38]] - Upcoming Thunderbird 38generally gets new features and bug fixes as volunteers have time to work on them and fix them. There is therefore no planned rollout of fixes that can be communicated to users. 
* [[Thunderbird/Release_Driving|Release Driving]] - How releases move towards completion
= Past releases =
* [ View past release notes]
* [ Download past releases]
= Related and Older links =
These links are outdated or from past management teams, and do not reflect current plans and priorities.
* [[Thunderbird/New_Release_and_Governance_Model|New Release and Governance Model]] (issued November 2012)
* [[Thunderbird/Thunderbird38|Thunderbird 38]] - Upcoming Thunderbird 38
* [[Thunderbird:UX|UX]] - User Experience
* [[Thunderbird:Feature Work|Feature Work]] - Ongoing work that is expected to land in the Thunderbird core
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