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* The community has continuously [[#Latest release|shipped releases]] with bug fixes and enhancements for several years.
* The community holds [[Thunderbird/StatusMeetings|regular meetings]] to discuss important matters of common interest, open to all.
* The [[Modules/Thunderbird|Thunderbird Council]] is the governing body for the Thunderbird project, and coordinates strategic legal and fiscal matters on behalf of the community.
* In 2014 we celebrated 10 year since the release of [ Thunderbird 1.0, on December 7, 2004].
= Contributing =
How you can help ... <ul>'''Thunderbird is self-supported by its user community. We need you, and welcome you to . Please give back to the community.'''</ul>
* [ Donate]
* [ Thunderbird Support questions] - Visit [ Thunderbird support forum] where you can answer questions from users. ( aka SUMO is where Thunderbird users are supported by the community.)* [ Thunderbird Knowledge Base on SUMO] - Visit [ the Knowledge Base (aka KB)] where you can help improve documentation which users refer to for assistance.* Visit [[Thunderbird:Testing|QA testing]] - How you can to help with quality assurance and testing.* Visit [ Localization] - How you can join to help other translators to localize Thunderbirdin your language.* [[Thunderbird/Contributing patches|Contributing patches and fixes]] - How you can get started contributing patches and fixes.
* [[Thunderbird/Community_Members|Community members]] - List of active community members contributing to and supporting Thunderbird.
'''To get more information about how you can help, talk to a human, or to introduce yourself, see [[Thunderbird/CommunicationChannels|Thunderbird Communication Channels]].'''
<ul>'''Again, we need users like yourself to help in one of the above areas. Please inquire today.'''</ul> (In most cases no prior experience is needed to help.)
= Upcoming releases =
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