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Document Whiteboard status flags
You can find all criteria regarding your Reps application on the [[ReMo/Application_Process/Selection_Criteria|Selection Criteria page]]. Please read that to make sure your application fulfills all requirements. Next fill out and submit the [ MozillaReps application form]. We require all applicants to have at least [ one vouch] from another Rep in the application bug. We would recommend to include 3 vouches, but we value quality over quantity. Also please make sure that your [ Mozillians] profile is vouched. Once these vouches have been verified by the Reps Council, you will be put in the queue to be screened.
=== Whiteboard status for applications ===
'''Missing Info''': Application has obviously missing information based on Application Criteria
'''Pending References''': Application hasn't gotten any references yet
'''Next screening round''': Planned to be screened in next application round
== Step 2 - Screening ==
Check [[ReMo/Webinar]] for Webinar related content.'''
=== Whiteboard status for applications ===
'''Webinar''': Application was screened and accepted. The applicant is now in the phase to do the Webinar steps.
== Step 4 - Orientation period ==
Once these steps are done, the [[ReMo/SOPs/Mentoring/Orientation]] Period starts. The Orientation Period will last 3 months, to make sure that Reps are well fitted for their responsibilities. Reps will need to create Reports on the Reps Portal to document their work. The Reps Council will decide who will proceed to being an official Rep after those 3 months according to the submitted reports.
The application bug === Whiteboard status for applications === '''Agreement not signed (Webinar)''': Agreement needs to be signed by applicant and NDA invite accepted on Bugzilla will be marked as "mozillians '''Orientation Period (Webinar)''': Applicant is now in the Orientation Period" to keep track of this.
== Tools used in the Webinar workflow ==

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