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'''Welcome to the wiki of [http Mozilla Thunderbird]project community page.''' Below you will find links to commonly requested information.
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= Contributing =
How '''YOU''' can help and get involved ... <ulu>'''Thunderbird is self-supported by its user community. We need and welcome you. Please give back to the community.'''</ulu>
* [ Donate]
* [[Thunderbird/Core_Team|Core Team]] - List of people typically actively involved on a weekly basis, and providing major input into Thunderbird.
'''To get more information or talk to a human, or just to introduce yourself, see [[Thunderbird/CommunicationChannels|Thunderbird Communication Channels]], especially the IRC channel.'''
<ulu>'''Again, we need users like '''you''' to help in one of the above areas. Please inquire today.'''</ulu>
= Releases =
Thunderbird's release schedule <u>tracks</u>, but does not strictly follow**, the '''ESR''' release schedule of Firefox. You can find links to the schedule (with an ESR column), release notes and other release information, at [[RapidRelease/Calendar]].
'** We ship releases when the Thunderbird code is '''ready''' based on testing and other factors, not on a specific date certain. So take any documented dates you see with a grain of salt - because we will lag by some number of days or weeks, not by a published date. If you are not Not seeing the "newest" version at the [ Thunderbird home page] do ? Do not worry, it is just not yet ready for release.
== Latest release ==
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