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There are several ways to participate in IRC and here are a some common options.
* [http Mibbit]: web-based chat client.
* [ Kiwi IRC] Open Source web-based chat client that works on mobile too.
* [ Chatzilla] is an add-on for Firefox; it comes built-in with SeaMonkey. You can also install it [ standalone].
* [http Konversation] is a client for Linux, you can probably get it as a package from your distribution. Its look and feel is similar to that of ChatZilla while being built on [ KDE].
* [http Colloquy] is a Mac client with a nice looking interface. It also has a mobile client for iPad/iPhone/iTouch.
* [ Limechat] is a cross-platform IRC client by Satoshi Nakagawa. Warning: main site is in Japanese, this is not just for Mac, there are [ Windows] and [ iOS] versions as well. A number of people have happily switched from Colloquy to Limechat.
* [http Thunderbird] is a communication client made by Mozilla. As of version 15, it has IRC support.
* [ Instantbird] is a cross-platform multi-protocol instant messaging client based on Mozilla technologies (and libpurple from Pidgin) with an emphasis on simplicity and extensibility.
* [http Yaaic] is a free (as in freedom), multiserver, Android IRC client, now fully conformant with the UI style of the Iced Cream Sandwich (and later).
* [ AndChat] is a free (as in beer), multiserver, IRC app for the Android platform.
* [http :+6697 Click here to connect]
* enter a nickname for yourself, then click GO (no channel needed at first, but you can put one in if you know where you're going)
* look for a "Mozilla" tab right under the Mibbit logo and click on it (it doesn't come to the front automatically for some reason)

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