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* Get the '''beta''' from [ the future of Thunderbird].
== Upcoming releases ==
<u>Thunderbird does not have a solid schedule - it of dates</u>, that version X will happen on mm/dd/yyyy. We <u>trackstrack</u> but does not strictly follow** the '''ESR''' release schedule of Firefox. See the ESR column of [[RapidRelease/Calendar]]. ** We typically release 1-3 weeks after Firefox , but it is can be more, or it can be less, because we ship when '''code is readyand tested''' based on testing and other factors, not on a specific date certain. In other words dates cannot be predicted and you should take any dates you see with a grain of salt. If you do not see the "newest" version at the [ Thunderbird home page], do not worry, it is just not yet ready. Regarding specific features and fixes, these happen as volunteers have time to work on them and fix them. There are no schedules that can be communicated to users. If you want new features sooner than normal, please help us [ test and code], or use the beta mentioned above.
* [[Thunderbird/Release_Driving|Release Driving]] - How releases move towards completion
== Past releases ==
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