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* Ask away! You don't have to ask permission to ask first. It is better to just blurt out your question, even though you don't know if anyone is paying attention.
* Leave your IRC client open if nobody answers right away. Most of the folks on IRC do not spend all day watching their IRC client. They just leave it open while they're doing other things. It might be an hour before the right person notices your question. When answering someone's question, especially if there's a delay, the nick of the questioner should be used in the answer so that you'll see a highlighted line with their response. (eg: "lsblakk: the answer is 42")
* Be prepared to ask in several places. Very often the first response to a question is, "I don't know, but you should ask that question in #extdev" or #developers or #devtools or #jsapi or any of a hundred other special-purpose channels. Over time, you'll get a better sense of which questions to ask where, but to start with, it's always OK to ask in #introduction.
* Remember to be courteous. Don't repeat your question every time someone new enters the room. Don't individually ask everybody in the room if they know the answer. Don't type <code>helllooooooooo</code>. And if someone is rude to you, please do the rest of us a favor and respond politely anyway.
* [ircs:// #firefoxstudents] - [[StudentAmbassadors|Student Ambassadors]] main channel
* [ircs:// #instantbird] - Instantbird project discussion
* [ircs:// #extdev] - Discussion about extension development (inactive, consider #addons or #webextensions instead)
* [ircs:// #js] - Discussion about JavaScript programming
* [ircs:// #l10n] - Discussion about localization (l10n) of Mozilla applications

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