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===Managing a channel===
===Managing channel operators===
Now that you have registered your channel, let's add some users to assist with channel management. These users are called channel operators. They can be managed through chanserv:
/msg chanserv aop #mychannel add nick
/msg chanserv aop #mychannel del nick
/msg chanserv aop #mychannel list
===Channel Modes===
* +L - Redirect - If a channel's limit is exceeded (via +l), this forces users to join the specified channel. Example: '''/mode #channel +L #channel-overflow'''. If you want to redirect everyone attempting to join a channel, set +l to 0.
* +z - SSL only - Users can only join a channel if they're connected via SSL
Use chanserv to permanently set a channel's mode:
/msg chanserv mode #mychannel lock add channel-mode
/msg chanserv mode #mychannel lock add +R
===Changing the channel password===
/msg chanserv mode #mychannel set +k my-great-password
===Join some channels right now!===

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